The mission of HYSTORE is to develop and validate an innovative set of Thermal Energy Storage (TES) concepts, based on the combination of cutting-edge technology components: ALL-IN-ONE Phase Change Material (PCM) solution, LOW-TEMP PCM HEATING&COOLING solution, PCM HEATING solution and Thermochemical Material (TCM) HEATING&COOLING solution.

The four novel concepts attain different applications on heating/cooling (H/C), DHW configurations, and further set up optimal conditions for the provision of hybrid – meaning energy and power- services thanks to the development of a smart aggregator and an open-source multi-service platform.

Hybrid Services from Advanced
Thermal Energy Storage Systems

Unlocking the Potential of Thermal Energy Storage

Historically, Thermal Energy Storage (TES) systems were primarily viewed as supplementary components for individual energy systems. However, recent developments have recognized TES as a valuable asset in centralized energy generation. Connecting TES to the grid presents new opportunities, driving innovation, reducing costs, and enhancing performance.

Thermochemical storage systems (TCM) and other innovative Phase Change Material (PCM) storage technologies are either not yet present in the market or are emerging at an early stage of development.


Embarking on a transformative journey, HYSTORE sets ambitious milestones in the realm of thermal energy storage. Its achievements and goals are a testament to innovation and sustainability. In a world hungry for energy solutions, HYSTORE stands at the forefront of progress. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we are achieving feats that redefine thermal energy storage:

+120% Energy Density

-50% CAPEX 

Enhanced Installation Efforts

Competitive with Batteries

In addition to its grid integration capabilities. By enabling Thermal Energy Storage (TES) to harmoniously interface with grid-level aggregators, our technology empowers collaboration not only within single buildings but also across entire local energy communities. This dynamic synergy opens up a world of possibilities, showcasing HYSTORE’s adaptability and versatility. With demonstrated success in four distinct use cases across diverse climates, our solutions cater to both District Heating/Cooling connected and non-DHC-connected buildings. HYSTORE’s commitment to innovation extends beyond boundaries, revolutionizing the way we approach energy storage and distribution for a sustainable future.

At HYSTORE, our ultimate aspiration is to catalyze a paradigm shift, elevating thermal storage from a mere auxiliary HVAC service to a fundamental building service. We are committed to delivering unparalleled comfort, efficiency, and grid support in the electric-thermal sector coupling. Join us in shaping a sustainable energy future.